1. ATTEND EVERY HEARING. Do this either personally or through a representative. This will not only tell him that you are serious about the case, but at the same time ensure that he is always on his toes in order to avoid mistakes.
  2. MAINTAIN A TO-DO LIST WITH DEADLINES. Keep ticking off the tasks that your lawyer is supposed to do. Ideally share it with your lawyer on a google doc. so that he is completely in the loop.
  3. KEEP A RECORD OF EVERY DOCUMENT FILED BY THE LAWYER. This will reduce any discrepancy in his approach.
  4. KEEP CHECKING THE ORDERS OF THE COURT ONLINE. Every order of the court is posted online. Go through the orders carefully and if needed, forward it to your lawyer. Good lawyers love well informed clients.
  5. TAKE A SECOND OPINION. If you have doubts over the loyalty or integrity of your lawyer, please don’t hesitate to take a second opinion. If your doubts turn out to be well-founded, do not waste time.

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