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    Superhero Capes For Kids ng to be on the mobile smart device, Superhero Capes for Kids Superhero Capes for Kids this guy said, hey, we have to do the home, you slowly play mobile device. This idea jump superhero capes boy too fast, people can not accept ah. But then again, kids capes girls this seems to be Datang Shi Zi s style. Did not superhero capes baby see Superhero Capes for Kids other people before the system to do a good job, suddenly switch to do the chip. Tens of billions of dollars to smash into it, really half a year to do the wind and rain the chip, this conference is the best proof, so think about it, now since the chip to do it, in the line to do smart home can understand, Just so that superhero capes and masks the energy really will not be scattered Well Wang Hello, I am a new technology network reporter Hu Bin, I would like to ask Wang made the decision to enter the field of intelligent home whether some hasty.After all, a Superhero Capes for Kids new technology come out, to ensure its leading position, you have Continuous development of R D, and your company has just released the first product, announced to enter other Superhero Capes for Kids areas, will cause us Superhero Capes for Kids will be in a very long period of time after the next generation Superhero Capes for Kids of chips can not see the advent of The first one was raised the reporter asked.

    d on the screen, after scanning, just the sound once again sounded, verify through, master, you hard, what orders I m thirsty, give me a cup of warm water Wang Shizi s words fell, the next moment, the sofa in front of the coffee table on the left superhero capes party favors suddenly separated from the sides, followed by a seven meter full of the cup then rose up along the cracks, and then automatically slide to the hands of Wang Shizi in front. Wang Shizi picked up the cup, superhero capes and masks drank, then continued I know here we Superhero Capes for Kids have to be disappointed, but please do not worry, in fact, for the system, it is simply not what function, this Not show, just because I m thirsty To be continued. 422 shocked four Superhero Capes for Kids Wang Shizi words in exchange for a burst of chuckle at the audience. In fact, this function can not talk about the special tasteless, after all, who are lazy to do not want to move superhero capes boy when, Superhero Capes for Kids but this feature is really too ordinary, and no kind of eye catching feeling. But this is only for most of the technology is not proficient in the ordinary people, in fact, at this time a group of engineers learned from China, Wang Shizi show this featur.fired several times the price. There are those in the Star Technology on the smart home product pricing dissatisfaction, that Wang Shizi is simply mercenary guy, this time can not say anything. So it seems Star Science and Technology has been kind enough, and the product is limited to only sell Superhero Capes for Kids a Chinese people, what else to say it Wang Shizi is really mercenary, as long as the work before, to a multi national unified sales, the price in the overturned estimates will be berserk, who let other people s things put in here...... Of course, the network is naturally what people have, many people still do not believe that foreign pursuit of smart home products has come to such a point, still some people questioned this will not be Star technology in speculation. As for what moderator post proof that these IP is indeed from the foreign landings are useless, looking Superhero Capes for Kids for the army Well, spend some money afraid to find a foreign country Moreover, the virtual things on the network to go, the map can be PS, IP can be agents, how to leave it However, followed by many large scale portal began to have repro.

    Superhero Capes For Kids ike some unexpected surprise, nothing more, say I told you again and again, you still Missed, blame me I do not blame you But Microsoft must blame you I guess today all the United States news headlines are the giant company, right Tang Sen triumphantly accepted the explanation of Wang Shizi, feeling the chin Road.... Tang Sen guess right, from the Wall Street Journal to the Internet Yahoo news, and then to the MSN news channel with the Voice superhero capes party of America this traditional radio, and then to superhero capes boy the major TV news, and even the American people s favorite talk show, without exception Are talking about Microsoft win10 was black event. No way, it is too big to have an impact. Not to mention the media itself, the practitioners are mostly victims of this matter. Especially the event is still kept fermented, not everyone is the first time to open their own win10 equipment, and in the conference has been announced after the suspension, a lot of Superhero Capes for Kids news and then quickly open the computer Superhero Capes for Kids to see whether their equipment in the win10 Users sad to find that the original really no exception, we are equally miserable..