1. Jurisdiction of court : In the event of dispute, this is the first aspect which would eventually define the place where the legal battle would be fought. You must mention the place of jurisdiction in your favor.

2. Consideration : An agreement without consideration has no value.

3. Agreement entered due to mistake : Agreement entered due to mistake of subject matter is also not considered as agreement in the eyes of law.

4. Three Essentials of contract Offer, Acceptance and Consent : A contract has three essentials, an offer must be made, it must be out of free will without any force, undue-influence, misrepresentation and mistake
5. Agreement must not be uncertain : It should be based on happening and non-happening of a certain event.

6. Damages & Essential terms at court: What damages does the contract levies on each party.

7. Deliverables: What deliverables the contract specifically imposes upon you as per the contract.

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