1. Wholly or partly forged : A Document may be entirely shamed document or only a part of it may have been forged. In both the scenarios the forgery is ought to have been committed.

2. Purpose of Forgery : Forgery are usually done for the purpose of cheating or harming the reputation and to deceit any person making him to believe on fact which does not exist.

3. Possession of a forged Document or a Counterfeit seal is also a punishable offence
Counterfeiting seals or mark used for authenticating a document is also forgery.

4. A forged document may be electronic or a paper document, the consequence for both shall be same.

5. Signature on the blank paper or blank check does not amounts to Forgery. It only amounts that you are giving authority to fill the blank check so, do check before signing any check.

6. For detail analysis hire a fingerprint expert who usually checks the flow of writing and strokes of writing to ascertain whether the Writing / Signature are Forged or not.

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