Planning to file a civil suit for recovery of Money, Business Issues or Property matter, here is a quick check whether you are within the parameter of timeline defined by law.

● For money related disputes the timeline which has been defined by law is 3 years from last cause of action. However, in the event of the continuous running account for providing goods and services it shall be from the last payment received.

● Suits for Compensation for Malicious Prosecution and False Imprisonment, Libel, Slander, Loss of Service occasioned by the seduction. In such suits the limitation provided by law is only 1 year.

● In Suits against Government for arrears of revenue or against an order of officer of government is 1 year.

● Suit to recover the possession of property or possession of hereditary office or suit for joint family property to enforce a right, such suits fall within the limitation of 12 years.

It is always advisable to take the legal remedy as quickly as possible. The sooner the legal recourse is taken the better are the results and in such cases there would be no occasion for you to convince the court for reasons for delay.

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